Kira Quinn's

Mark of the Infala series
A living, symbiotic alien pigment tattooed into the skin of those living in the Dotharian Conglomerate. One powerful rune In particular creating the special marking that would, if you were lucky, bond you to your life mate.
But for the human survivors crash-landed into this realm, the whole thing seemed more fantasy than reality. That is, Until they learned first-hand the immense power found in
the Mark of the Infala.

The Mark of the Infala Series

Is it the greatest webpage ever? No, of course not. I write books, not webpages. But hey, check out the books in the Mark of the Infala series below. And if you've already read them, grab the bonus HEA chapter for each of them while you're at it.


They're free and hosted on BookFunnel (You'll be emailed a download link).


Note: If you haven't read the books yet I'd strongly adivse waiting to read the free bonus chapters. As River Song would say, "Spoilers!"

Bonus Content

Bonus Goodies Below!

If you've read the books, grab these spicy bonus scenes with your favorite characters.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the book the bonus goodies will give away key points.


Infala: The Alien's Bond: Bonus Chapter Link
The Prisoner's Gambit: Bonus Chapter Link
The Warrior's Oath: Bonus Chapter Link

About the author

A longtime fan of both sci-fi and fantasy books, I've also enjoyed my fair share of steamy novels along the way. Working a day job slowed my roll, but I managed to chip away at my dream of becoming a published author (thanks to all the family and friends supporting me in this effort).


It's a rush, finally publishing the stories that have been running through my mind for all these years. At long last, they are now out and in the real world (figuratively speaking) and hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. If you do, please, drop a rating and review if you can. A little support goes a long way for us little indie folks.


Happy reading, and if all goes well, there will be many more to come (pun very much intended).